National Memorial 911 Artist Registry / Ground Zero 2001

1984 Bergen Museum of Art & Science, New Jersey
1972 Metropolitan Art Center, Florida


1990 Adolph & Ester Gottlieb Foundation, New York City
1976 Salmagundi Club Award, New York City


2009 Fashion Institute of Technology, President’s Office, New York
2005 MoonDance Fine Arts, Inc. LA, California
1997 Redback Network Inc. San Jose, California
1998 Pensare palo, Alto, California
1985 CBS Network, Brooklyn, New York
1985 NBC Network, New York City
1984 Davis Productions Inc. New York City
1984 National Bank of Canada, New York City
1984 Plaid Brothers, New York City/ LA, California
1984 Box Hill Corp. Soho, New York City
1983 Dianne Benson, designer, New York City
1983 Bellevue Hospital, New York City
1983 Theatrical Television Motion Pictures, LA, California


2016 Carter Burden Gallery, “Abstract Mind,” New York, NY
2015 Carter Burden Gallery, “Mixed Bag,” New York, NY
2007 ArtHaus Gallery, San Francisco, California
2004 Mahanttantheatresource, New York City
1998 ArtHaus at Wilks Bashford, San Francisco, California
1993 A.I.R. Gallery, Soho , New York
1990 Jagendor/Bacchi Gallery, Soho, New York City
1989 Jagendor/Bacchi Gallery, Soho, New York City
1989 On the Wall Gallery, East Village, New York City
1988 Gallery Z, East Village, New York City


2002 DOGNY: by A.K.C. & Sotheby’s Auction, New York City
1996 ArtHaus & Hotel Palomar, Benefit for Visual Aid, California
1995 Marin Designers Showcase: Courtesy of ArtHaus Gallery, Ca.
1993 Friends in Deed: Work interior space, Soho, New York city
1989 Love in the Time Aids by Dianne Benson, Fashion designer, New York
1983 Christie’s Auction House: Jewish Guild for the Blind, New York City
1983 Share Our Strength: by Sothey’s Auction, Soho, New York City


2018 WITH OR WITHOUT WOMEN, Carter Burden Gallery, Collaborative Installation, NYC

2018 ArtHaus Gallery , Group Show, San Francisco, Ca.

2017 Carter Burden Gallery, The New York Times, July 10th, Chelsea Art Gallery, NYC

2017 Carter Burden Gallery, " Summer Show"  New York, NY

2016 Blue Door Gallery, Juried Show, “The Orlando Killings,” Yonkers, NY
2016 Gateway Arts Center, “Inclusion,” Brentwood, MD
2015 Carter Burden Gallery, “2ftX6ft Drawing “ New York, NY
2009 FIT Art and Design Faculty Exhibition (Works in Catalog), NYC
2008 FIT President’s Office showcase works in lobby for 201 0 . NYC
2007 Westbeth Gallery “ Director’s Choice” NYC
2001 Fashion Institute of Technology “Color “ NYC
1998 New York Law School (OIA), “Fighting Weight”, NYC
1997 St. Mark’s Church in -the Bowery, “The Liberating Spirit”, NYC
1997 OIA’s Salon Show Westbeth Gallery, “Mass Medium” NYC
1996 FIT Faculty Show, NYC
1995 OIA’s Salon Show, Westbeth Gallery “Summer Show” NYC
1994 FIT Faculty Show, “Story Telling”, NYC
1993 Hera Gallery, “Associate Members”, Rhode Island
1991 Nassau Community College, (Curator Linda Kramer) NYC
1988 Helie Gallery , Macro/Micro”, Art in America, review, NYC
1984 National Academy of Design, Drawing, NYC
1983 Just Above Midtown/Downtown Gallery , Group Show, NYC
1977 Bradley National Prints & Drawings, Illinois
1978 Newport 66 Annual Prints & Drawings, Rhode Island
1975 Terrain Gallery, “Big & Small”, NYC


2015 Casey and Art Associates Art "Precious Works by Artist" San Francisco, Ca.
2015 Carter Burden Gallery, “12x12 Group Exhibition”, New York, NY
2015 ArtHaus Gallery, “The Heat-A Rotating Exhibition”, San Francisco, Ca.
2014 Carter Burden Gallery, “On The Hudson”, New York, NY
2012 Carter Burden Gallery, “On the Wall”, New York, NY
2011 Carter Burden Gallery, “18 Artists” New York, NY
2009 ArtHaus Gallery, “The Abstractors”, San Francisco, Ca.
2001 ArtHaus Gallery, “Making Waves”,”Revelations”, San Francisco, Ca.
2000 ArtHaus Gallery, “Size Small”, CA
2000 ArtHaus Gallery , “The Great Exhibition of 2000, Ca
1999 ArtHaus Gallery, “Positions of Strength”, “Emotional Responses”, Ca.
1999 Barbara Ann Levy, “Women Show”, Fl, NY
1989 Helio Gallery “Summer Show, Soho, NYC


2017Carter Burden Gallery, Chelsea " The New York Times "Age Requirement Article.

2007 Director’s Choice, The Villager, NYC (March) issue.
2002 DOGNY: America’s Tribute to Search and Rescue Dogs, NYC
2000 Great Exhibition 2000, Art & Antiques, San Francisco, Ca. (Feb) Issue.
1997 Artist Show Students, “Another World”, FIT, Network NYC (Sept) Issue.
1993 Watercolors at the Water. Fire Island News, NY, (August) Issue.
1993 Box Hill Systems Corp. FIT Network, NY, (August) Issue.
1993 Between the Sea & Sky a Journey, The Villager, NYC (November) Issue.
1993 Holding On, Metro Source, NYC. (Sept.)
1991 National Bank of Canada, FIT Network, NYC, (June) Issue.
1989 Have a Heart, W (Women's Wear). NYC. (Oct) issue.


1974 School of Visual Arts, NYC
1973 Metropolitan Art Center. Florida
1972 Dade Community College, AA Florida